BMO ETFs Views from the Desk: Podcast Episodes

Sep. 21, 2022

Core Inflation: A Mixed Picture

Markets Take a Tumble

Tough Talk from the Bank of Canada

Bulls vs. Bears: Breaking Down Two Scenarios

Are Economic Expectations Improving?

Unpacking the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act

Volatility Creates Opportunity

Quarterly Portfolio Strategy Q2 2022: Is the Quest to Tamp Down Inflation Succeeding?

Finding Direction in a Sideways Market

Will the 100-Basis-Point Hike Tame Inflation?

What Makes This Downturn Different?

Fighting Inflation with Dividends

The Bear Market is Here. What’s Next?

Decoding Q2 Bank Earnings

Are Markets Underestimating Inflation?

Protecting Against Volatility with Infrastructure

Weathering the Storm with Low Vol and Covered Call

U.S. Inflation and the Fed’s Aggressive Strategy

Market Bottom or Looming Recession?

ETF Portfolio Managers’ Insights on Your Allocation Questions

Elon Musk Buys Twitter. Now What?

Have We Reached Peak Inflation?

Quarterly Portfolio Strategy Q2 2022: Ideas to Offset Inflation and Rising Rates

Inverted Yield Curve Equals Recession? Maybe Not.

Russia-Ukraine and ESG Investing

Making Sense of Uncertainty and Low Trading Volumes

The Liberal-NDP Deal and Implications for Canadian Banks

Protecting Against Rising Rates with ZBI

What Could the S&P 500 Death Cross’ Mean for Your Clients?

Megatrends in Infrastructure, Energy, and Technology

Decoding Q1 Canadian Bank Earnings

Hedging Against Inflation with Energy

Potential Market Impact of Geopolitical Conflict

The Ukraine Situation and Other Uncertainties

Evaluating a Steadying Market

Market Outlooks for 2022

Ideas to Preserve and Prosper Through Turbulence

Riding Volatility with Banks and Energy

Gearing Up for Hikes

Bracing for Inflation

Positioning Portfolios for 2022

Decoding Q4 Canadian Bank Earnings

Balancing Portfolios with Bonds and Banks

Top 5 Picks to Park Your Greenbacks

Omicron Uncertainty and a Black-Friday Boost for Discretionaries

Protecting Pandemic Gains from Rising Rates

Capitalizing on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Building your Inflation Toolkit

Building Sustainable Portfolios: COP26 and ESG Solutions

Why a Low Volatility” Strategy Works Over Time

Upheaval at Rogers Communications

Diving into US Earnings Results

Back To Defensive Factors?

Bracing for a Risk-Off Moment

Switching Sectors as Markets Get Fearful

Watching China’s Real Estate Crisis Unfold

Decoding Q3 Canadian Bank Earnings

Election Outcomes: How to Position Your Portfolio

How ZPAY Earns Yield from Market Volatility

Seeking Shelter from the Fed & Hurricane Ida