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Product Insights

BMO’s Top 5 Snowbird ETFs

Attention snowbirds looking to diversify their portfolios outside of Canada

Mar. 17, 2023

Investors need to understand the potential withholding tax and U.S. estate tax implications on foreign investments. Wealthy Canadians looking for a place to invest their greenbacks but who are also concerned about U.S. estate taxes, might be better suited to invest in a Canadian listed ETF or mutual fund.

Canadian mutual funds and Canadian listed ETFs (even if they invest in U.S. equity or debt securities), are generally not considered to be U.S. assets for estate tax purposes.*

BMO ETFs presents our top picks for snowbirds. The following ETFs offer:

  • No U.S. Estate Tax Exposure
  • No T-1135 Foreign Income Verification form required
ZWB.U BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF (USD Units)
  • Defensive exposure to Canadian banks, with a covered call overlay
  • Additional tax efficient layer of income from covered calls
  • Invest in the strength of Canadian banks, and benefit from consistent and growing dividends
  • Objective: Income & Growth
ZPAY.U BMO Premium Yield ETF (USD Units)
  • Alternative defensive yield with downside protection and ability to participate in equity market growth
  • ZPAY has maintained a consistently high portfolio yield of around 6% since it was launched
  • Dynamically shifts equity weight to react to market movements while writing put and call options on blue chip, large cap, U.S. equities
  • Objective: Income
ZWH.U BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF (USD Units)
  • Defensive exposure to U.S. high-dividend-paying equities, with a covered call overlay
  • Additional tax-efficient layer of income from covered calls
  • Invests in sustainable dividend paying companies, while avoiding yield traps by screening for historical growth rate, momentum and sustainability of the dividends
  • Objective: Income & Growth
ZUS.U BMO Ultra Short-Term US Bond ETF (USD Units)
  • Investment-grade bonds with <1-year maturity, held until maturity
  • Low duration of 0.24 to mitigate risk of increasing interest rates
  • Keep capital protected against inflation, while minimizing market and price volatility
  • No lockup period and trades daily unlike traditional GICs
  • Objective: Income
ZSP.U BMO S&P 500 Index ETF (USD Units)
  • Access a diversified basket of the largest 500 companies in the U.S., with globally derived revenues
  • Growth sectors like Information Technology (28%) and Health Care (14%) are the leading weights
  • Tracks the securities of the largest and most liquid public companies in the United States
  • Objective: Growth

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Note: when entering U.S Dollar unit symbol “(.U)” on Thompson One use “(‘U)”. More specifically, “(‘U-T) “ for TMX data and “(‘U-GD)” for NEO data.

* As long as the Canadian funds are treated as corporations for U.S. tax purposes.

** Annualized Distribution Yield as of March 17, 2023: The most recent regular distribution, or expected distribution, (excluding additional year end distributions) annualized for frequency, divided by current NAV. Source: BMO Global Asset Management.


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