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* Results listed in order of net assets, as of May 2022. For terms and definitions, see below.

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  • Annualized Distribution Yield: This yield is calculated by taking the most recent regular distribution, or expected distribution, (excluding additional year end distributions) annualized for frequency, divided by current NAV. The yield calculation does not include reinvested distributions.
  • DIST YIELD = Distribution Yield. The Frequency of distribution: M=Monthly Q=Quarterly A=Annually
  • O = Optionable ETFs 
  • Duration: A measure of sensitivity of bond prices to changes in interest rates. For example, a 5 year duration means the bond will decrease in value by 5% if interest rates rise 1% and increase in value by 5% if interest rates fall 1%. Generally, the higher the duration the more volatile the bond’s price will be when interest rates change. 
  • Risk Rating: All investments involve risk. The value of an ETF can go down as well as up and you could lose money. The risk of an ETF is rated based on the volatility of the ETF’s returns using the standardized risk classification methodology mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators. Historical volatility doesn’t tell you how volatile an ETF will be in the future. An ETF with a risk rating of low” can still lose money. For more information about the risk rating and specific risks that can affect an ETF’s returns, see the BMO ETFs’ prospectus.
  • YTM: Yield to Maturity (YTM) is the discount rate that equates the present value of a bond’s cash flows with its market price (including accrued interest). The measure does not include fees and expenses. 
  • Mgmt. Fee: Management Fee (Mgmt. Fee) is the annual fee payable by the fund and/​or any underlying ETF(s) to BMO Asset Management Inc and/​or its affiliates for acting as trustee and/​or manager of the fund/ETF(s).


  • (ZEB): BMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF: A management fee waiver of 16 bps was implemented on November 30, 2021. The estimated MER represents what the MER would be with the reduction in place for the entire year.