This Week in ETFs:
from September 19 to 23

Sep. 19, 2022

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  • Earn More from Canadian Banks’ Debt: In shifting market conditions, investors need fixed-income allocations that meet their needs. The BMO Canadian Bank Income Index ETF (ticker: ZBI) invests in non-traditional securities while remaining anchored with traditional Canadian bank fixed income. Read
    • Podcast – Decoding Q3 Canadian Bank Earnings: Sohrab Movahedi, Chris Heakes and Daniel Stanley dive into third quarter results from Canada’s Big Six,” discussing recent stock performance, bank yields, the benefits of liquidity, and the impact of falling housing prices. Listen


  • 5 ETFs to Lower Volatility: Help investors protect their capital — and stay invested. Read
  • Lottery Tickets and Low Volatility: How to exploit the lottery ticket” bias in behavioral investing. Read
  • Tax Loss Selling on Banks: Offset gains in other parts of a portfolio. Read
  • Get Paid to Wait: Explore BMO Covered Call ETFs yielding >6%. Read


  1. Markets Take a Tumble. Alfred Lee, Matt Montemurro Listen | Read
  2. Tough Talk from the Bank of Canada Chris Heakes, Chris McHaney Listen | Read


Reconnecting: Institutional Ideas on the Recession or Rebound
Join leading financial experts from five Canadian Banks as they provide Institutional ideas for a recession or recovery. In a two-hour in-person event, Advisors will get trade ideas for fixed income and equities and face-to-face networking opportunities.

Dates and times:

  • Burlington, ON — Wednesday, September 28 @ 12 PM ET
  • Vancouver, BC — Tuesday, October 4 @ 1 PM PT
  • Montreal, QC — Wednesday, October 12 @ 12 PM ET
  • Richmond Hill, ON — Thursday, October 13 @ 12 PM ET

Register now (space is limited) CE eligibility pending

PODCASTS ALERT: Q3 Portfolio Strategy Episode

Alfred Lee and Erika Toth discuss the latest quarterly Portfolio Strategy and Fixed Income Strategy Reports, including current views on inflation’s trajectory, portfolio construction across various asset classes, real yields, structural supply issues, and strategies for protecting against falling equities. Listen Now


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