This Week in ETFs: From February 19-23

Quality Factor Shines Amidst AI Boom + Top 10 BMO ETFs for RRSPs in 2024

Feb. 21, 2024

NEW: BMO’s Top 10 ETFs to Consider for RRSPs in 2024 | Read


  • Quality Poised to Shine. Associate Portfolio Manager Mirza Ali Shakir reflects on the key features that helped Quality outperform the broader benchmarks in 2023 and why the factor continues to be positioned for long-term success amid the AI boom. Read


  • Stay Invested with Buffer ETFs. Explore a cutting-edge strategy to mitigate equity risk. Read
  • Looking for Income and Growth? Omanand Karmalkar shares a one-stop strategy. Read
  • A Place to Park Cash: Five alternative destinations for liquid assets. Read


  • 2024 Wealth Planning: A quick reference guide for retirement planning facts and figures. Read


  • BMO ETF 2024 Industry Outlook: Structured Outcome ETFs expected to drive continued growth as investors seek innovative solutions. Read the Report
  • BMO ETFs Virtual Forum 2024 Replay: BMO ETFs gathers together experts and partners from world stock indexes to share their rapid-fire perspectives and insights for the year ahead. CE Credits available. Login to Watch Now



  • U.S. Inflation Up. When Are Rates Coming Down? Alfred Lee and Charles-Lucien Myssie Listen
  • A Deep Dive on Buffer ETFs. Chris McHaney and Mckenzie Box. Listen
  • Unpacking the Latest U.S. Economic Data. Winnie Jiang and Chris McHaney Listen

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