Don’t Sacrifice Cash Flow for Growth. Get the Potential for Both with ZWQT.

Apr. 29, 2024


BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund ETF Series (ticker: ZWQT) serves as a comprehensive and strategic investment solution designed for discerning investors seeking a sophisticated and cost-effective approach to sustainable cash flow and growth. This ETF is tailored to streamline the complexities of investing, providing investors with a seamless experience across various strategic pathways.



  • Convenience: The ETF serves as a one-stop shop, offering clients global exposure through strategic investments across BMO’s suite of covered call solutions.

  • Diversified Portfolio: This ETF strategically invests across diverse regions and sectors, improving the adjusted risk-return profile and overall client experience. The Fund is tactically managed to capitalize on market opportunities and navigate potential discrepancies.

  • Low Cost: The ETF adopts a straightforward fee structure, charging a single fee at the top level (0.65% mgmt. fee). This simplicity ensures investors can easily understand and assess their investment costs.

The ETF currently has a healthy yield vs the broad index.1

Annual Dividend Yield 

Source: Bloomberg, as of April 232024.

Sector Weightings

From a sector point of view, we are still overweight Financials (mainly through Canadian exposures) as well as Energy, through the BMO Covered Call Energy ETF (ticker: ZWEN).


  • ZWQT maintains an overweight position in the Energy sector through its ZWEN exposure. This approach, incorporating covered calls, aims to capitalize on higher call option premiums while mitigating downside risks, particularly amid increased market volatility. 
  • On the oil front, the supply side remains constrained while demand has been resilient. On the supply side, we OPEC+ remains steadfast in its commitment to restrict production, maintaining a collective reduction of ~2.2million barrels per day. Furthermore, the escalating tensions in the Middle East could further disrupt supply side dynamics. On the demand side, despite apprehensions regarding economic slowdown, global demand for oil has demonstrated ongoing resilience

Canadian Banks

  • Our overweight position in Financials persists, primarily through Canadian banks via the BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF (ticker: ZWB). It is a sector we view constructively with several factors contributing to our positive outlook, including: 
    • Attractive value proposition with a yield of 4.74%, compared to a 4% long-term average.2
    • Favourable fundamentals, with banks trading below their long-term average on both forward P/E and P/B.
  • Despite potential economic headwinds, Canadian banks’ proactive measures, which include strong provisions for credit losses, give us confidence in their ability to manage specific challenges. The banks’ record of preparedness, as evidenced in past earnings cycles, underscores their view that credit losses remain manageable at this point in the cycle.
  • In summary, our constructive stance on banks aligns with our commitment to a well-rounded, diversified, and strategically managed investment approach within the BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund ETF Series.

Below is the current positioning for ZWQT (Weights + Sectors):

Below is the current positioning for ZWQT (Weights + Sectors):
Bloomberg, As of April, 232024.
Holding% of the PortfolioYield %
BMO Global High Dividend Covered Call ETF (ZWG)25.00%7.0%
BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF (ZWH)23.75%5.2%

BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETF (ZWC)


BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ETF (ZWE)

BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF (Hedged) (ZWS)9.50%5.4%

BMO Covered Call Technology ETF (ZWT)


BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF (ZWB)

BMO Covered Call Energy ETF (ZWEN)2.50%8.0%

As of April 23, 2024.3 The portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and only represent a small percentage of portfolio holdings. They are not recommendations to buy or sell any particular security. Annualized Distribution Yield: This yield is calculated by taking the most recent regular distribution, or expected distribution, (excluding additional year end distributions) annualized for frequency, divided by current NAV. The yield calculation does not include reinvested distributions.

BMO GAM Approach

In selecting BMO Global Asset Management (BMO GAM) and ZWQT amid a competitive landscape, investors are getting the benefits of three distinct advantages:

  • Profound Experience: BMO GAM’s portfolio management team boasts an extensive tenure, surpassing a decade in effectively steering covered call ETFs. Our seasoned understanding of the nuanced intricacies and inherent risks equips us to deliver a smoother client experience.
  • Transparency Commitment: Our commitment to transparency is evident in both the ETF and its underlying holdings. Investors benefit from a clear insight into their portfolio holdings and the overarching investment strategy, fostering a relationship founded on clarity and trust.
  • Comprehensive Experience: Embracing a collaborative ethos, our management approach leverages a broad spectrum of expertise. The inclusion of our Multi-Asset Solutions Team as one of the levers in the decision-making process amplifies the breadth of experience at play, ensuring a judicious and multifaceted approach to investment management.

1 Standard performance data:


YTD (as at March 292024




Since Inception

BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund – Series F



(June 132022)

MSCI World Index 





(Dec. 311987)

MSCI World High Dividend Index





(June 301995)

The BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund - Series F is being used as a proxy for ZWQT because ZWQT is less than one year old. The MER of ZWQT is 0.71% compared to 0.73% for the BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund - Series F. ZWQT’s MER is estimated since the ETF series is less than one year old. 

2 As at April 232024.

3 Standard performance data: 


YTD (as at March 292024




Since Inception





(Jan. 162020)






(Feb. 102014)






(Feb. 92017)






(Sept. 92015)






(March 22018)





(Jan. 202021)






(Jan. 282011)




(Jan. 232023)


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