Volatility Centre

When markets spiral, Advisors’ phones start ringing. To help with those tough client conversations, BMO GAM has compiled actionable resources to talk about volatility.

May 4, 2022

Tools for Tough Conversations

Covered Calls, Derivatives and Volatility Report
BMO ETF Low Volatility Whitepaper
Turning Volatility into Enhanced Income
BMO Low Volatility ETFs Methodology
BMO Low Volatility ETFs
BMO ETF Portfolio Strategy Report (Q2 2022)

Volatility Talking Points (Advisor Only) 

ETF Due Diligence Checklist

Volatility Explainers (End-Client Friendly)

The Big Picture – Historical Chart
Getting a Handle on the Impact of Currency
Staying Invested
Missing the Best Days in the Market
Market Corrections Are Not Uncommon
Canadian Bull/​Bear Markets
Value of Advice: Advice Matters on the Road Ahead

ETF Trade Ideas

Managing Risk through Short Duration
The Importance of Staying Invested
We Have Lift Off
Podcast: Why a Low Volatility” Strategy Works Over Time - November 1, 2021
Alternatives: Risk Premia in Inflationary Times
Time to Focus on Commodities: Three Sector ETFs
Podcast: What Could the S&P 500 Death Cross’ Mean for Your Clients? - March 16, 2022
Russia-Ukraine Tensions and the Impact on ETFs
Dividend Investing – Smoother Ride in a Volatile Market - February 2022
ZLU & ZNQ: US Equity​“Barbell” Strategy?
A Place to Park Cash

ETF Solutions

ZLU – BMO Low Volatility U.S. Equity ETF
ZLB – BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF
ZWH – BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF
ZWC – BMO Canada High Dividend Covered Call ETF
ZWP – BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call ETF
ZWK – BMO Covered Call US Banks ETF
ZWB – BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF