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Getting Paid to Wait: 5 BMO ETFs Yielding 5% or More

BMO ETFs presents our top 5 picks yielding 5% or more for investors who are looking for ideas to enhance the level of yield in their portfolios.

Feb. 14, 2024
ZWU BMO Covered Call Utilities ETF
  • Utilities and Energy pipeline equities have been in recent demand.
  • Volatile geo-political environment lends well to the generation of high income from option premiums.
ZWB BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF
  • Banks have sold off presenting an attractive valuation opportunity.
  • Fundamentals continue to be strong with Forward P/E below 10x, and underlying dividend yield in excess of 4%.
ZWC BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETF
  • Canadian dividend equities continue to benefit from factor shift from Growth to Value, with Energy, Materials and Utilities benefiting.
  • Solid historical dividend growth, and additional income through covered calls.
ZPAY BMO Premium Yield ETF
  • Yield harvesting balanced strategy on high-quality U.S. equities, with equity allocation increasing during a market selloff. Well positioned for a recovery.
  • The option overlay (put and call selling) generates tax-efficient income.**
ZWH BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF
  • Dividend-oriented equities continue to be well-capitalized and strongly positioned to deliver results amid higher inflation
  • The U.S. economy is likely to lead the developed world during a period of economic slowdown backed by high-quality U.S. companies
  • Also offered in Mutual fund format

*Annualized Distribution Yield as of January 31, 2024: The most recent regular distribution, or expected distribution, (excluding additional year-end distributions) annualized for frequency, divided by current NAV. Source: BMO Global Asset Management.

**As compared to an investment that generates an equivalent amount of interest income.

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Performance as of January 31,2024, Source: BMO Global Asset Management.

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