Alain Desbiens

Director, Eastern Canada


Alain brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to his role as BMO ETF specialist for eastern Canada. A seasoned financial expert with experience as a broker, Alain has been instrumental in raising awareness of the benefits of ETFs to individual, retail and institutional clients through his facilitation of client seminars. He has also played an equally pivotal role in keeping portfolio managers in eastern Canada and Quebec aware of new developments in the ETF sphere. Prior to joining BMO, Alain worked as wholesaler and sales manager in the wealth distribution field, as well as a branch manager and investment advisor in the brokerage industry. Alain is a graduate of Laval University with a BA in Industrial Relations. Alain Desbiens won the 201520202021 Wholesaler of the Year Award at the Canadian Wealth Professional Awards. Alain Desbiens was also finalist at the 2016-2017 Wholesaler of the Year Award at the Canadian Wealth Professional Awards.

Product Support Contact: Olivier Alouba4388737193

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